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If we can’t help resolve your dispute, or you need more information, one of these services may be able to assist.

Consumer Affairs Victoria

Consumer Affairs Victoria provides general information and advice for home owners and builders, to assist them throughout the duration of a building project. This includes information on:

  • building contract requirements
  • plans and permits
  • implied warranties
  • deposits and payments, and
  • building as an owner builder.

The Consumer Affairs Victoria website also lists the steps to try and resolve a building dispute before applying to DBDRV.

For more information:

Victorian Building Authority (VBA)

The VBA regulates the building industry in Victoria. It undertakes inspections, investigations and audits, to ensure builders comply with their obligations under the building regulations and the Building Code of Australia. The VBA also takes complaints about builders and building practitioners.

For more information and to search the registered building practitioner database, visit the VBA website.

Victorian Managed Insurance Authority (VMIA)

The VMIA issues domestic building insurance policies to eligible builders for building contracts that exceed $16,000.

VMIA insures a homeowner against defective or incomplete building work if the builder dies, becomes insolvent, or disappears. If your insurance policy was issued after 1 July 2015, it also provides coverage in some circumstances where the builder has failed to comply with a VCAT or Court order.

For more information and to find out about making a claim, visit the Domestic Building Insurance section of the VMIA website.

Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT)

VCAT hears domestic building disputes when the dispute:

  • does not involve the owner and is between the builder, architect, subcontractor or tradesperson, or any combination of them
  • was rejected by us as not suitable for conciliation
  • was lodged with us and not resolved at conciliation
  • was lodged with us but the owner or builder "ends" the building contract after a dispute resolution order has been issued, or
  • is outside our jurisdiction: for example, if it involves certain types of building work carried out under a contract or agreement of its own. For more information about these types of disputes and to work out whether your matter falls into this category, see our Ineligible disputes page.

VCAT also hears disputes relating to commercial building work.

For more information, visit the Building and Construction section of the VCAT website.

Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria (DSCV)

The DSCV provides free dispute resolution services for neighbourhood disputes between property owners, including fences, trees and drainage.

For more information, visit the DCSV website.

Legal Services

If you wish to obtain legal advice about your rights and obligations in relation to your dispute, one of these services may be able to assist.

Law Institute of Victoria (LIV)

LIV offers a referral service that can help you find a lawyer to assist with your dispute.

For more information, visit the Legal Referral Service section of the LIV website.

Domestic Building Legal Service (DBLS)

Justice Connect’s DBLS provides advice and assistance to eligible home owners whose domestic building disputes were not resolved at DBDRV. It can assist home owners who do not have access to legal help and advice from other sources.

For more information, visit the DBLS website.

Industry Associations

Relevant industry associations often provide legal advice and information to members in relation to domestic building disputes.

For more information, contact your relevant industry association.

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